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Flower Women's skis by Boheme made in FRANCE

La Perfection Louis

Women's skis Flower by Boheme (162 cm / 64")

Women's versatile track ski. This playful performance ski is the most accessible and tolerant of the Boheme brand. Effortless, light and ultra handy, it can also link small turns to larger curves with ease. A ski with which to master everything on the track.

One of the best luxury, high-performance women's skis on the market.

Wood : Noyer/Frêne White (from France).

Weight : 3.2 kg (7 lbs)

Created in 1998 by extreme sports fanatics, the Boheme brand rates impeccable from its quality and use of first class materials (cores made from beech tree and poplar, tri-axial fibres, carbon, Kevlar and wooden veneering). Our standards are simple : a state-of-the-art fabrication, top quality products. The final touch is the wooden veneering of the skis and boards.

100% handmade in France. 36 hours of handcrafting. Real luxury and ultra high quality workmanship. Luxurious ski made in FRANCE.

Limited quantity. A unique piece.

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