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Le Temps IV Luxury Watch Winder for 4 watches by Maltier le Malletier & La Perfection Louis

La Perfection Louis

"Le Temps IV" Luxury Watch Case for 4 watches by Maltier le Malletier is a unique way to both store your watches and keep them functioning.

Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin, Richard Mille or just a Rolex ? :-) A nice collector must have a MADE IN FRANCE watchwinder ! 

- Leather-sheathed watch cases, in French beech wood coated with full grain semi-aniline calfskin from the Southwestern French Basque country
- Brass hinges
- Accessories pouch with two door mirrors
- 4 watch winders  for automatic watches KUBIK made in Switzerland , Swiss Kubik produced the first watch winder to be entirely designed in Geneva, the birthplace of the luxury watchmaking industry. The abundance of specialized watchmaking knowledge in this region has been channeled into a brand that makes the most accurate and reliable watch winders in the world. With a combination of top-quality craftsmanship and technology, a Swiss Kubik watch winder will ensure the ultimate durability and precision of any luxury timepiece

"Le Temps IV" dimensions : H 35 cm - L 26 cm - D 27 cm (14" - 10" - 11")

Since 1592 Maltier create trunks. He is the founder of trunks, his name became the name of the profession in France : "Malletier". A knowledge passed from generation to generation. Maltier has selected the best french leather, this unique piece requires almost two months of handcraft work by Benoit Maltier.

The combination of two talents offers the absolute Perfection for one of the best watch case on the market.

100% handmade in France, except KUBIK winders made in Switzerland. 8 full weeks of handcrafting in France.

Real luxury and ultra high quality workmanship.

Limited quantity. 2 piece available in the world only. 

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