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Child's Desk Trunk by Maltier le Malletier (made in FRANCE)

La Perfection Louis

Whether for a petit prince or little princess, 'Le Bureau Enfant' the child's desk trunk fuctions as the ideal work and play space for the industrious and imaginative young traveller, always preparing the next new world to discover and the next new adventure to pursue.

Composition : 

- French full grain calf leather ; goatskin leather lining
(French leathers)
- Handmade and hand-sewn with waxed linen thread
- Beech wood inner box
- Damask monogrammed Deep Nocturne Corian® shell
- Trunk in wood and Corian®, lamp in Deep Nocturne Corian®
- Hinges and latches in nickel-plated brass and palladium coating

Child's Desk trunk dimensions :

Closed : H 120 cm - L 50 cm - D 50 cm (H 4'12" x L 2' x D 2')

Open : H 120 cm - L 100 cm - D 130 cm (H 4'12" x L 3'11" x D 5'3")

You can customize the color of the leather, among 30 different colors. Contact us to get the swatch color. You can also customize the trunk by printing a name or a logo.

You can save $6,000 by removing Corian® and replacing it by wood and leather, in that case the price will be $49,000.

Since 1592 Maltier create trunks, he is the founder of trunks, his name became the name of the profession in France : "Malletier". A knowledge passed from generation to generation. Maltier has selected the best french leather, this unique piece requires two months of handcraft work by Benoit Maltier.

100% handmade in France. 10 weeks of handcrafting. Real luxury and ultra high-quality workmanship.

For this Child's Desk trunk personalized to your needs, please allow 100 days for a delivery to your home once the payment is fully received. Before manufacture of your trunk, we will send you multiple 3D pictures to get your agreement. 

We offer the shipping charges and any custom fees anywhere in USA.

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