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BOHEME FRANCE by La Perfection Louis

BOHEME FRANCE by La Perfection Louis

Established in 1998 in the French Alps, Boheme is an EPV certified company recognized for excellence and French expertise. A 100% French ski company.

Boheme was founded by three extreme sports fanatics. First, they created hand-crafted swallow boards, next they attacked the ski market and the brand exploded. Responding to the needs of the free rider, Boheme created artisanal products that mass-producers could not.

In 2013, the company was taken over by loyal customer, Jacques Ruchon who expanded its distribution gaining Boheme a worldwide reputation for quality, performance and cutting-edge design. A new factory in Chabeuil was acquired employing only the most passionate craftsmen and in 2014, Boheme produced their first mono-ski: the Aqua Vintage.

Boheme is by choice a “micro-producer” building just 1000 units per year to guarantee the highest quality for the discerning rider. Boheme: tradition and excellence in perfect harmony.

30 hours of work in each exceptional product

The performance of the skis and snowboards is the first objective, and in order to achieve this goal, Boheme has chosen the most elaborate components, the same as those used in the World Cup. That's why in never compromising on the choice of materials, we equally do not compromise on the time taken to create our products.

Woodcore shaping

Each single woodcore is individually sculpted due to the geometry of the model by a "shaper" craftsman. He will cut and profile the woodcore and then attach the ABS sidewalls (it's in part what will define the flex of the ski or the board).

The woodcores are made of beech and poplar.


Vacuum molding

The Bohême secret… we use a press under vacuum with slow grip resins.  Every single fiber has its own direction. The perfect positioning of every material is essential. Every component is coated with resin by hand, and the "sandwich" is “baked” for several hours at 85 °C, which is part of the secret of the longevity of Bohême products and a key essential to their efficiency on snow.

Final cutting

The product is taken out of the press and minutely cut and sanded; it's at this stage that we see the final shape emerging. We can already imagine the promised sensations, and we unconsciously sense the exhilarating performance ahead…


Varnish and screen-printing

We use a special mixture, of which Olivier, the good druid of Bohême, keeps the composition a secret. It provides the protection of your Bohême boards and skis. 5 layers of satin varnish and hardener protect the screen-printing of our designs, or of yours if you want a customized visual made to measure. 


Manual race finish of running bases and edges

There's no robot here to dilute the artisanal character of the product. This stage is too important to the product's final performance and so every single board benefits from real manual preparation. After first applying a stone finish to the bases and a ceramic sharpening of the edges, Alain, master-chef of the diamond file and eraser, lover of amazing structures and hot waxing, brings to the piece all of his experience for a perfect ride and edge grip from your first minute on the snow.

Logo attachment and numbering

The last visual control of the product exists to guarantee its authenticity and quality, so at this stage we attach the logo and number every piece once again "by hand". Your guarantee card will show the signature of the craftsman who validated this last step, the number and the name of your ski or snowboard, and it’s also your membership card into the Bohême club.



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