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ANONYME PARIS by La Perfection Louis

ANONYME PARIS by La Perfection Louis

Anonymity has become a luxury.

The thing that makes a product great has never been the size of its logo, the name, or a fashionable gimmick.

Here, we will show you the foundations of the Anonyme Paris brand.
Our aim is to create timeless products that are nevertheless eye-catching and modern. We pay special attention to the style, function and manufacturing quality of our products.

We are surrounded by and work with the most noble guardians of French expertise: Compagnons du Devoir, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant. Each of our products contains a small piece of France, its artisan tradition and industrial excellence.


Indeed, we are decidedly “Made in France”. We compromise neither on costs nor legislation when securing this label for our products. The entire production process for our creations is 100% transparent, and we are happy to share our methods with our customers.

This desire to work with exceptional craftsmen from every corner of France, sourced from the historic cradles of the manufacturing industries used in our products, also severely limits our production capacity. Excellent craftsmanship means taking greater care and more time to produce fewer pieces, but it produces quality work, and this is our priority.




Over the past ten years, Vincent Guillet has perfected a well-reputed expertise in fostering the successful production of LVMH luxury brands like John Galliano and Christian Dior.

His impressive gamut of skills further brought him to orchestrate the production management for a multitude of renowned French accessory labels.

In 2014, the 37 year old wunderkind took his own leap of faith by launching a state of the art luxury accessory brand under the name Anonyme Paris.

Geometric lines, functional features, modern aesthetics and razor sharp minimalism like the trademark red band discreetly underlining each product are the signature of each creation.

Favouring style over trend, these timeless artifacts are imbued with the very spirit of a modern nomadic way of life.


Brand development

Since its launch, Anonyme Paris has received critical acclaim from specialized press including GQ, Numéro, ELLE, Homme Deuxe, Vogue and Le Figaro.

The brand is distributed by a range of luxury fashion outlets such Luisa Via Roma in Italy, Montaigne Market, L'Exeption and Les Galeries Lafayette Homme in Paris, Les Créateurs Concept Store in Miami.






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