About La Perfection Louis

La Perfection Louis
2269 S University Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324
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Hi everyone!

La Perfection Louis was created by my wife and myself in November 2015. The concept of the store is to represent some small French brands that offer very high quality products, all of which are handmade in France.

We noticed that many French luxury brands are not always actually made in France and that luxury itself has changed during the last few years. We decided to come back to the essentials by combining high quality service with high quality products.

About our company's name, it came easily to us because we had a baby in May and his name is LOUIS. We found him to be so utterly perfect that we decided to call it LA PERFECTION LOUIS. We're also making a pun, because "La" means "the" in French, and LA also means Los Angeles, where everything has just started for us! Like our baby's name, when we decided to move to the US, we also wanted to spell our company name in French, English and Spanish. So by happy accident, La Perfection Louis means exactly the same in Spanish as it does in French and English.

We sincerely hope that we won't disappoint you as customers because your satisfaction is as important to us as the quality of our products!

Thank you for your confidence and support !

Aurel, Vanessa & Baby Louis