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The Art of Anonymity and the Perfect Weekend Getaway.

by Annabel Schofield March 11, 2016

The civilized people of France take Le Weekend VERY seriously, and here at La Perfection Louis in Los Angeles we believe that now spring has sprung bringing with her the fragrant blossoms that dance so briefly upon the air, that our exclusive clientele also needs to embrace this brief intermission in their hectic lives. We all need to reconnect with our loved ones, whether in the construct of a cozy marriage, with a dear friend or even a clandestine affaire de coeur! 

Los Angeles by Night

Living in the world's entertainment capital is filled with excitement. Hollywood is a burst with  fabulous restaurants, celebrity nightclubs and  exclusive retail but all of that glamour and glitter  carries with it a high price: constant exposure. As a celebrity, one cannot leave the house without swarms of paparazzi dogging ones every move, and even if one is not in the public eye, the constant technological connection and the barrage of information coursing through our smart phones, laptops and tablets, can Steve McQueen takes to the road in Bullittbecome existentially exhausting. Even keeping one's social media profiles current and entertaining can be a stressful distraction. What we at La Perfection Louis are advocating is a return to the glamorous, anonymous weekend getaway. We believe that anonymity has become the ultimate luxury, in fact it’s the core philosophy of one of our exclusive French brands: Anonyme, Paris.  So why not take advantage of some of the beautiful Californian weekend destinations on our doorstep? But do stop by La Perfection Louis first in order to voyage in elegant French style. We carry handmade Boheme skis and snowboards, Christophe Charbonnel bronze sculptures, Duvelleroy hand-fans from Paris’ Rive Droite as well as our luxuriously discrete Anonyme, Paris luggage and men's accessories. But please remember to turn off your phones once you’re ready to escape.




Skiing in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

If you're a snow bunny by nature, why not hop on the jet and head to Lake Tahoe? This exclusive celebrity retreat was a life-long haunt of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and those two Rat Packers knew a thing or two about glamour, romance and fun! The recent storms have been very kind to La Perfection Louis’ winter-sports-addicted Boheme customers, and what better way to make an impression on the piste than with an exclusive pair of handmade Boheme skis or a handcrafted Boheme snowboard? All Boheme products are one of a kind, and many hours of love and passion go into creating each gorgeous piece. Not only is Boheme equipment aesthetically exquisite, it is also built for peak performance, whether on the backcountry, freestyle or in fresh powder on the glorious slopes surrounding Lake Tahoe.  And once you’re out there on those mountains, the desire to respond to every last text and email will magically melt away.

Road Tripping to BIG Sur

If cold weather is not your thing, then why not channel Steve McQueen, jump Big Sur's golden beachesin the convertible and head up Pacific Coast Highway to the awe-inspiring coastline of Big Sur? All you need is that special someone, your exclusive, one of a kind Anonyme, Paris luggage, your handmade Anonyme sneakers, a pair of Roi Soleil sunglasses by Anonyme and perhaps an Anonyme Louis Comte felt hat to achieve effortless French cool. Anonyme's leather goods and accessories are all handcrafted by artisans at Roi Soleil sunglasses by Anonyme, Paristhe Anonyme atelier in Paris, and are designed to exude a luxurious elegance that only the truly discerning will recognize. Anonyme does not go in for flashy logos or golden grommets, just the finest quality leathers and exquisite workmanship. An Anonyme, Paris product is an investment in style, one to enjoy for years to come; like the happy memories of the salty breeze  off the Pacific Ocean ruffling through your lover's hair; along with the silent bliss of leaving your phone in the glove compartment until the time comes to head back to Hollywood once more.


A Masquerade Ball in San Francisco








The Golden Gate Bridge at Night

What could be more glamorous and anonymous than a masquerade ball? Why not fly to San Francisco for the weekend, meet your lover at an exclusive hotel such as the Fairmont and slip into elegant disguise while sipping a glass of Dom Perignon? San
Luxurious white pop-up handfan by DuvelleroyFrancisco has a history of fabulous Masquerade Balls, where one can rakishly dance away the night, the lights of the bay twinkling far below. But before you head north, you must visit us at La Perfection Louis on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood to view our exclusive collection of handmade fans from the House of Duvelleroy. These one of a kind pieces are exquisitely romantic and flirtatious, and the renown of the House of Duvelleroy goes back to the days of Queen Victoria, The Queen of Egypt and Eugenie de Montijo on the occasion of her marriage to Napoleon III. Imagine the seductive anonymity of fluttering your luxurious House of Duvelleroy hand fan at the object of your desire, even if that person has been your partner for many years? Nothing reignites romance quite like the thrill of the new, so why not don that tuxedo, zip up that gown and flutter your House of Duvelleroy feathered fan with sensual abandon? Monday morning will roll around soon enough, so we suggest you spend a weekend getting lost with the one you love in the magical city of San Francisco. 

Or simply stay home....

Terminally terrified of traffic? Planes induce panic attacks? Then your friends at La Perfection Louis have one more suggestion for those of our clientele who simply can’t drag themselves away from the glamorous whirlwind that is our fair City of Angels. Stay home, but make this weekend ultra special. Turn off your phones (after making an appointment to visit our West Hollywood showroom at 323-942-4000) put down your Ipads, and disconnect. Be unavailable, but plan some special time just for the two of you. Make La Perfection Louis your first stop, to view the private collection of Christophe Charbonnel bronzes that we carry exclusively. Christophe Charbonnel is a master French sculptor, who enjoys great renown in his home country but as yet, is little known in the US. Charbonnel’s exquisite works, neoclassical in style portray a delicate beauty, romanticism and quiet strength that leave us quite breathless. We guarantee that after your private view of Christophe Charbonnel bronzes, you’ll feel refreshed and calmer of mind, and you’ll want to add one to your collection. These timeless pieces are a great investment at present, and art you’ll enjoy forever. If you don’t wish to drive to see M. Charbonnel’s extraordinary works, we’ll even send a car for you.

So, your friends at La Perfection Louis say embrace your anonymity! Be temporarily unavailable and simply disconnect. Always leave them wanting more, but always do it in French style a la La Perfection Louis!

Annabel Schofield
Annabel Schofield