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La Perfection Louis - 100% handmade French luxury products in the heart of West Hollywood

by Annabel Schofield February 27, 2016

West Hollywood's celebrity shopping mecca, Sunset Plaza is excited to welcome a new era in luxury retail: La Perfection Louis. La Perfection Louis offers its exclusive clientele only the highest quality French products, all of which are 100% handmade by the most painstaking and passionate of craftsmen, and personally selected by proprietors and Parisiennes, Vanessa and Aurel in their home country. La Perfection Louis is currently carrying four of the finest French luxury brands which are now available for the first time in Los Angeles, California. Not only are these brands themselves extraordinary, La Perfection Louis offers its clients a private, one of a kind shopping experience, currently unrivaled in West Hollywood.
Accessories brand, Anonyme, Paris is already known to discerning international tastemakers for its products' exquisite marriage of style and function.
The Anonyme philosophy is that in Anonyme Duroc Backpack in greytoday's world of twenty-four-hour connectivity, anonymity has become the ultimate luxury, a sensation that its privacy-starved celebrity clientele knows only too well. Anonyme was established in Paris by Vincent Guillet who has spent many years honing his craft and eye overseeing production for luxury brands such as LVMH, John Galliano and Christian DiorAnonyme, Paris offers elegantly crafted men's leather goods such as luggage, wallets, belts and footwear; luxurious, stylish hats and cool and quirky solid silver cufflinks among other items.  Now that West Hollywood denizens are finally able to purchase Anonyme, Paris' products on their own doorstep, they are sure to become a favorite of its famous local residents as well as those chic insiders who demand the ultimate in luxurious elegance combined with exclusivity.

La Perfection Louis
is also proud to offer discerning Los Angeles-based winter sports fans the luxury Boheme line of 100% handmade skis, snowboards and ASpen Men's Skis by Bohememono-skis all created by skilled artisans at the base of the French Alps. The Boheme brand was founded by three extreme sports enthusiasts who were simply never satisfied with the existing equipment on offer and the resulting ride. Starting with exclusively handmade swallow boards, Boheme soon expanded to the luxury ski market and the brand exploded. The performance of Boheme's skis and snowboards is the ultimate objective, and to this end Boheme's designers and craftsmen choose the most elaborate and expensive components, spending at least 30 hours lovingly creating each individual piece. Finally, the Boheme logo is attached and each customer receives a specially numbered "guarantee" card which not only shows the signature of the artisan who crafted the piece, but is also their membership into the exclusive Boheme club. Boheme equipment will never be for the masses, but La Perfection Louis is excited to finally offer this European secret ski-weapon to its newfound Californian clientele.

La Perfection Louis' proprietors are also passionate about introducing Los Angeles patrons to exciting and collectible French artists. Sculptor, Christophe Charbonnel is Odin by Christophe Charbonnelvirtually unknown here in California, but he's already well-established in his home country having successfully exhibited  in Paris, Cannes and other French centers for the arts, as well as several European cities since 1998. Charbonnel started his career as a designer at Walt Disney's studio in Paris, but he rapidly became an artist of some renown, who is now considered one of France's greatest living sculptors.  Christophe Charbonnel's beautifully crafted bronzes are almost neoclassical in style, featuring figures from ancient mythology, history, music and literature. Although their physical weight and structure are by nature heavy, Charbonnel's exquisite technique lends these pieces a lightness and fluidity that belies their fabrication. Christophe Charbonnel's works are considered by French art-world cognoscenti to be a great investment. La Perfection Louis offers one of a kind Charbonnel bronzes exclusively through the website at present, but will soon be proud to offer their clientele private viewings of the sculptures themselves, by appointment only at the Sunset Plaza showroom in West Hollywood.

The House of Duvelleroy was founded in Paris in 1827 by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy and to this day creates exquisite hand-fans which are now exclusively for sale in Los Angeles at La Perfection Louis. Situated on the Right Bank in Paris, the Duvelleroy House carries with it years of history among the highest echelons of international society.   Official fan-maker to several prominent female royals, starting with Queen Victoria of Great Britain, Duvelleroy created the fans that were given to the spouses of foreign statesmen on their official visits to France.

Enentail deluxe Tulipe hand-fan by DuvelleroyThe Duvelleroy House also created Eugénie de Montijo’s fan for her wedding to Napoleon III, as well as the white ostrich feather fan worn by the Queen of Egypt at her wedding in 1938. Celebrity stylists, wouldn't these exclusive wearable art-pieces make the perfect addition to your star client's next red carpet look? We believe it's time for Hollywood's chicest leading ladies to flutter and flirt once again. 

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a private viewing of the treasures by Anonyme, Boheme, Charbonnel and Duvelleroy at La Perfection Louis on Sunset Plaza, please call (323) 942-4000. If you live within 5 miles of the West Hollywood showroom, they will even send a driver for you. 



 By Annabel Schofield 


Annabel Schofield
Annabel Schofield